About Us

We empower and equip media missionaries to share the Kingdom through passion, faith, and creative filmmaking.

Our vision

The vision of Fantail Academy is to train, equip, and disciple supernatural filmmakers around the world and empower them to thrive in their local environments so that they can capture and be catalysts of revival. Students will learn or acquire:

  1. Kingdom identity so they can walk in the fullness of the callings as sons and daughters of God.

  2. Intimacy with Holy Spirit. Learning to hear His voice and operating in the fruit and gifts of Holy Spirit as a film maker.

  3. Hands on documentary filmmaking and craft development.

  4. Impartation and discipleship.

  5. Community.

The Ideal Study Location

In the heart of Invercargill, a mere stone's throw from the city center, Fantail Academy provides a unique mix of urban vitality and convenient proximity. Locate us at 165 Leet Street, Invercargill, offering a central hub for easy access to all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Our Leaders

Jared van Berkel

Founder of Fantail Studios

Jared van Berkel, founder and director of Fantail Studios joins us from New Zealand for this event. Fantail Studios is a team of media missionaries producing radical tv shows about the love of God in action and broadcasting all over the world.

Jonathan Snyder

Founder of Sojourner Films

Jonathan Snyder, founder and director of Sojourner Films which has a mandate of raising up Kingdom Filmmakers into the fullness of their identity and mission to change the narrative of this world from doom and gloom to one of hope in Him.

Shaping Futures in Film

Embark on your cinematic odyssey and shape your future in film and media at Fantail Academy. Connect with us today to discover more and empower your calling with a vibrant creative vision!
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Inspiring Faith in Film

God is the ultimate creator. Our heart is to lead His story tellers into a deeper relationship with Him, so that they will not only grow in their craft but also in the culture of heaven. Our films become powerful vessels, carrying the love of God to a world longing for the transformative love of Jesus.

Equipping Media Missionaries

Our passion is training media missionaries around the world to create as an act of worship and to broadcast as an act of war, so that through Him, with Him and for Him, the lost may be found and the found may be activated in their faith.